Friday, June 29, 2012

Are you Ready to Shoot a Wedding?

I remember the first time I photographed a wedding, I wanted to run away.   I couldn’t because I was the only photographer and I wasn’t going to fail.   Having to be the primary shooter the first time was very scary.   But at the same time you need to welcome the challenge and know that you are the chosen one in photographing an extremely special day.   Creating lifelong memories that they will cherish.   When you get into wedding photography, remember to photograph all the details and everything else.  Yes – Photograph EVERYTHING!.   There are parts to the day that are like chapters.  A professional photographer will begin with the Getting Ready Shots for both the Bride and Groom, Ceremony, Formals and Reception any added creative photography you want to add.  Weddings can be very challenging as the timeframes given may not necessarily give you the time to get all the shots.  Make the best of it….Shoot and Shoot more…and hope that you will get it covered from beginning to end.  Wedding photography is not easy.  It is hard work and let your creative brain go for it.   Don’t hesitate, shoot it all!


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